Our Mantra

Here at Peaceful Daily we think our tagline says it all…

“Fashioning Peace one Person at a Time”

We strive to inspire others to make peaceful choices in daily life.  Some of these may include…

Focusing on love
Acts of compassion
Kindness to animals
Holistic healing
Inspired spirituality
Hugging trees
Embracing nature

Peaceful Daily was founded in 2009 by Sandy Corso. What initially started as a peaceful living blog eventually turned into a large worldwide community. Sandy shared her wisdom not only on the.blog but also in two best-selling books and on the healthy living section of The Huffington Post for nearly 10 years. 

We are super-excited for our new store.  We feel it is a natural conduit for spreading the Peaceful Daily messages. The site was inspired by the Japanese author Masaru Emoto who Sandy met in 2008. Masaru authored The New York Times best selling book The Hidden Messages in Water. Sandy was and still is fascinated by the ideas presented in the book. The main one being that the words we speak and keep close can have a profound impact on our overall well-being.

We hope the goods on this site will inspire the Peaceful Daily community to continue to practice peaceful intentions.  Make sure to join our mission by checking out our social platforms at @peacefuldaily.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

The Peaceful Daily Family