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Today's Daily Tip

Parsley Chew

Posted by Peaceful Daily on April 24, 2015 at 12:16pm 0 Comments

Chewing parsley cures bad breath: Parsley has long been known to counteract garlic breath. The high sulphur content of garlic that causes the unpleasant odor is counteracted by compounds in parsley. But putting parsley in food to cure bad breath doesn’t work. It takes chewing a sprig of fresh parsley.

Peace, Love & Happiness,


Focus and Expansion

Posted by Peaceful Daily on April 23, 2015 at 7:43am 1 Comment

What you Focus on Expands is such a simple easy and true statement. Think about this. If you are thinking about getting a new car, you start to notice that car everywhere you go. So why is it so hard for most of us to get this simple concept? If you want love, abundance and wellness, why not focus on love, abundance and wellness? I think our minds are so trained to talk and think about the problems of the world… Breaking the habit is tough. Here are some easy steps to start to focus on the good stuff.

1 - When telling your story always talk and focus on the good stuff going on in your life.

2 - When noticing the bad qualities of others, immediately start thinking about the good qualities of those people.


- When starting to feel not well immediately start thinking about the parts of your body that do…


Prayer for the Planet

Posted by Peaceful Daily on April 22, 2015 at 7:34am 0 Comments

May this beautiful, breathing home we call Earth be healed!

May the flowers that bloom continue to smile their happy faces back at us.

May the water continue to flow free and clear glistening in the sun.

May the clouds above us continue to be be puffy and grand.

May the trees continue to sway with strength and purpose in the wind.

May all living creatures be filled with peace and love!

Happy Earth Day!

Peace, Love & Happiness,



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