• Walk Far
    05 Nov 2013

    Walk Far

    I am always getting tons of emails

    05 Nov 2013

    I am always getting tons of emails from readers telling me how much they love the Peaceful Daily tag line!
    When I originally came up with it 5 years ago, I was told it was not correct English! But I went ahead with it anyway! My instincts told me to keep it regardless. Always go with your instincts!

    So let’s break it down. The tag line is: Think good. Eat whole. Walk far.

    I feel like each component is very important for a balanced life.

    Think good. – Positive thinking, spirituality, religion, meditation, kindness

    Eat whole. – Veggies, fruits, whole uncrossed plant based foods

    Walk far. – Keep your body moving, exercise, movement, finding an exercise you love and going all the way.

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


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