Honestly I am not good at cleaning and I dread it! But when I do clean, I have 7 favorite products I am really passionate about! None of these products contain the bad stuff.

Vermont Soap Liquid Sunshine - I LOVE this product. I use it on my hardwood floors but you can use it in multiple places.

Earth Friendly Parsley Plus Cleaner - This is so great! I don't like perfumy smells in the kitchen. This parsley cleaner works great and smells very clean.

Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Detergent - I have tried all the "natural" dishwasher soaps and this gets my dishes the cleanest. Some of the other natural ones do not work at all. This one is great.

Earth Friendly Dishmate Almond - I LOVE the smell of this and it works so well!

Bio Kleen Soy Toilet Scrub - This stuff really works and it smells great!

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural 4x Laundry Detergent - I have found this product is the best at cleaning stains. Again, I have tried them all and this works wonders, plus it is concentrated so it last a long time.

Earth Friendly Vinegar Window Cleaner - This is my fav window cleaner. It has that clean vinegar smell and it works wonders!

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Comment by Peaceful Daily on May 8, 2012 at 10:40am

Nancy - sounds interesting!

Comment by Nancy on May 8, 2012 at 10:08am

May I recommend something so simple as water? Not just ordinary water, but water made from a special ionizer that is FDA approved for sanitation. Its' pH is 2.5. In an independent test performed by ATS Labs, this water was found to kill e-coli, staphococcus, samanella, and mersa within 30 seconds of contact. At the same time that the ionizer makes an extremely strong acid water, it also makes strong alkaline water, 11.5 pH. This strips produce of oil-based pesticides. It also removes grease and grime from counter tops. Using both waters, The ionizer also has a setting for 5.5 pH water, which quickly makes glass shiny clean. If fragrance is what you want, then by all means add essential oils. I can make my house sparkle (and become germ-free) with these special waters.

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