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    Our Story

    My name is Sandy Corso

    Our Story

    My name is Sandy Corso. I am a mom seeking a lifestyle of peace! In 2009, I started a blog that I hoped would inspire others. I blogged about compassion, cinnamon sticks under my pillow, green drinks, sleeping with onions, meditation, kindness and LOVE!

    We adopted a very loyal readership.

    Eventually I decided to write a book called Peace Salad. It was a compilation of my best lifestyle tips. Although there was considerable interest in publishing my work, I was unable to find the perfect publisher for me.

    Everything happens for a reason! So I started my quest to publish my own book.

    I immediately fell in love with the entire book publishing process. Bringing words to the world became my passion.
    Soon, friends started begging me to publish their books. Then, readers started begging me to publish their books as well, and the rest is history.

    Peaceful Daily now helps authors bring their words into International distribution via self-publishing.