• Keep Hydrated
    04 Nov 2017

    Keep Hydrated

    Make a conscious effort to drink water

    04 Nov 2017

    Make a conscious effort to drink water all day.

    Most of us run around slightly to severely dehydrated. Dehydration is not only caused by the lack of water we intake, it is also the dried and processed foods we eat that soak up any potential fluids in our body. Many respond to the dehydration facts with, “I drink a lot of water,” and that’s great. But are they eating hydrating foods, or just a lot of dry stuff?

    There are many symptoms of dehydration that are constantly misdiagnosed: Skin issues, Cramping in legs, Slow digestion, Constipation, Migraines/headaches

    By increasing fluids in your diet, huge physical changes can occur inside and out. In just a day or two you will feel better: less-puffy eyes, a flatter tummy, more energy, glowing skin.

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