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    I believe in the power

    I believe in the power of essential oils and  I believe they are the future of healing and medicine!  For years I have shared information on the powerful and transformative effects of essential oils with Peaceful Daily readers. Many readers would reach out to me with questions.  Starting an essential oil group within Peaceful Daily was a natural conduit to share my love of oils!  I have chosen to partner with doTERRA because I believe in the quality of their oils.  I also believe in their mission to transform the world and make it a better place. – Sandy Corso (founder, Peaceful Daily)

    If you would like to become a user and/or share the knowledge of oils with others I recommend you sign up for wholesale pricing or to be a wellness advocate.

    TO JOIN Peaceful Daily Essential Oil Group
    1. Click here
    2. Enter your language preference and Country
    3. Select Wholesale Prices or Wellness Advocate (if you plan to share with others)
    4. Fill out Personal info
    5. Select Your Kit
    6. Process Order

    You also have the option to purchase at retail directly from my site. You just will have to pay the full price and will not get the same wholesale membership benefits. To purchase retail click here and simply choose shop!

    Have questions?  Always feel free to email  me!

    Below you will find videos for your most asked questions..

    Why essential oils?

    Why doTERRA?

    The power of Frankincense oil  (my fav)