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    Gratitude Napkin

    One of the best Thanksgiving traditions ever is the Thanksgiving Gratitude Napkin.  Simply get a large white cloth napkin and a Sharpie (fine point one works best).  Pass the napkin around your dinner table and have everyone sign their name and something they are grateful for!

    Sending gratitude to all of you this Thanksgiving Day!

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


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    9 Steps to Transform You Into a River

    I love Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian novelist and author of The Alchemist. He recently posted the following on his blog.

    “A river never passes the same place twice,” says a philosopher. “Life is like a river,” says another philosopher, and we draw the conclusion that this is the metaphor that comes closest to the meaning of life. Consequently, it is always good to remember:

    1] We are always doing things for the first time.While we move between our source (birth) to our destination (death), the landscape will always be new. We should face these novelties with joy, not with fear – because it is useless to fear what cannot be avoided. A river never stops running.

    2] In a valley we walk slower. When everything around us becomes easier, the waters grow calm, we become more open, fuller and more generous.

    3] Our banks are always fertile. Vegetation only grows where there is water. Whoever comes into contact with us needs to understand that we are there to give the thirsty something to drink.

    4] Stones should be avoided. It is obvious that water is stronger than granite, but it takes time for this to happen. It is no good letting yourself be overcome by stronger obstacles, or trying to fight against them – that is a useless waste of energy. It is best to understand where the way out is, and then move forward.

    5] Hollows call for patience. All of a sudden the river enters a sort of hole and stops running as joyfully as before. At such moments the only way out is to count on the help of time. When the right moment comes the hollow fills up and the water can flow ahead. In the place of the ugly, lifeless hole there now stands a lake that others can contemplate with joy.

    6] We are one. We were born in a place that was meant for us, which will always keep us supplied with enough water so that when confronted with obstacles or depression we have the necessary patience or strength to move forward. We begin our course in a soft and fragile manner, where even a simple leaf can stop us. Nevertheless, as we respect the mystery of the source that gave us life, and trust in His eternal wisdom, little by little we gain all that we need to pursue our path.

    7] Although we are one, soon we shall be many. As we travel on, the waters of other springs come closer, because that is the best path to follow. Then we are no longer just one, but many – and there comes a moment when we feel lost. However, as the Bible says, “all rivers flow to the sea.” It is impossible to remain in our solitude, no matter how romantic that may seem. When we accept the inevitable encounter with other springs, we eventually understand that this makes us much stronger, we get around obstacles or fill in the hollows in far less time and with greater ease.

    8] We are a means of transportation. Of leaves, boats, ideas. May our waters always be generous, may be always be able to carry ahead everything or everyone that needs our help.

    9] We are a source of inspiration. And so, let us leave the final words to the Brazilian poet, Manuel Bandeira:

    “To be like a river that
    flows silent
    through the night, not fearing the
    darkness and reflecting
    any stars
    high in the sky. And if the sky is filled
    with clouds, the clouds
    are water like
    the river, so without remorse reflect
    them too”

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    Synchronicity Rocks

    People flow in and out of our lives. Things happen. I believe there is a greater order and harmony to these experiences than we are generally led to believe.

    I go in and out of being present with synchronicity. I guess this email today is just a reminder to look for things today that may be messages sent to you. Why is something specific happening? Did a chance meeting have a message for you? Delve deeper and look for hidden meanings.

    Peace, Love & Happiness,

    Holiday Summmer

    Keep this Holiday Simmer on the stove for the next 2 months. Your family will love you!

    Holiday Simmer Recipe: cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, ground cloves, orange peels and ground nutmeg with water of course.

    Check out my famous Holiday Simmer recipe! Watch it here on Youtube.

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    I live for this oil

    I love all my essential oils but I have to say my favorite is peppermint! This oil has helped me through many stressful situations! I carry it in my purse. When I feel stress or anxiety coming on I simply drop 2 drops in the palm of my hand and rub my hands together. I then cup my hands over my noise and breath in…

    Make sure when purchasing essential oils to only purchase the highest quality. You want oils with the highest vibrations.

    Because so many of you email me with questions about essential oils. I have decided to offer a class and even start an essential oil group. Click here and click the SHOP button to place orders for the oils I use. If you sign up you will also be added to the Peaceful Daily Health and Healing Essential Oil group.

    Peace, Love & Happiness,



    I want to introduce you all to Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian forgiveness ritual that is known to heal, transform and quite possibly ignite complete self-transformation!

    From what I have learned it is not about healing THINGS. It is about healing the part of yourself that created them.

    You are 100% responsible for everything!

    Here is the ritual… (repeat and feel often)

    ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    The Plant Paradox

    Lots of books come across my desk but when I heard about The The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight GainPlant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain I knew I had to read it. I ordered a hard copy and a Kindle version. I read 5 hours the first day. Then I knew I had to interview the author Dr. Steven Gundry. I ended up spending an hour on the phone with him.

    Dr. Gundry’s research is stunning and fascinating. He found that plants defend themselves against things like insects with certain lectins. One of the main lectins of course is gluten but there are many others and in this book I learned that some of the foods I thought were healthy, were in fact not good for me. If you suffer with autoimmune issues I strongly suggests you read this book ASAP!

    Some of the foods you might rethink are: bread, beans, nightshades (potatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes). Some other surprises include cashews and squash!

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    Transform Your Sleep

    For as long as I can remember I always worried excessively at night right before I went to sleep. This can’t be a good practice. I know a lot of others struggle with this as well. A few months ago, I tried something new at bedtime and my sleep ever since has been amazing.

    Now when my head hits the pillow I only allow myself to think about things that are good, happy and positive in my life. Essentially, I am only thinking about things I am grateful for before I go to sleep. It will not be easy at first but you can do it. Try it I promise it will transform your life!

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    Under the Pillow

    Did you know?

    Sometimes I sleep with a cinnamon stick under my pillow not only for the scent, but it is believed that the cinnamon stick will catch any lingering negative energy that may come through in a dream!

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    Keep Hydrated

    Make a conscious effort to drink water all day.

    Most of us run around slightly to severely dehydrated. Dehydration is not only caused by the lack of water we intake, it is also the dried and processed foods we eat that soak up any potential fluids in our body. Many respond to the dehydration facts with, “I drink a lot of water,” and that’s great. But are they eating hydrating foods, or just a lot of dry stuff?

    There are many symptoms of dehydration that are constantly misdiagnosed: Skin issues, Cramping in legs, Slow digestion, Constipation, Migraines/headaches

    By increasing fluids in your diet, huge physical changes can occur inside and out. In just a day or two you will feel better: less-puffy eyes, a flatter tummy, more energy, glowing skin.

    In health and Love,