• Butterfly Positivity
    10 Feb 2011

    Butterfly Positivity

    Last year was difficult for me, full

    10 Feb 2011

    Last year was difficult for me, full of unhealthy situations and many challenges. Yet, I was certain the difficulties were leading me to a better place. After all, challenges show us our potential and encourage us to keep growing.

    To keep a positive perspective, I bought myself a bracelet with a butterfly charm – a simple reminder that I was moving through a period of transformation. Change is hard work, but good things waited for me once the time was right to leave my chrysalis. When I was ready, I would fly, I told myself. The butterfly charm became a touchstone of positivity, and I looked at it daily for encouragement.

    Then, a friend shared that she was going through great challenges in her life as well. Immediately, I realized she needed a butterfly of her own. I gave my butterfly bracelet to her. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was the right thing to do. She said wearing
    it gave her goosebumps! Although I missed my butterfly, any positivity I had felt was amplified the moment I gave the positivity away. Like a butterfly, it had transformed into something even more beautiful. I watched it fly to great heights.


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