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    Books published by Peaceful Daily

    Books published by Peaceful Daily

    Audrey’s Journey: Loving Kindness by Kerry Alison Wekelo


    Audrey has a love for music and creating rhymes on her drum. When Audrey plays her drum she is filled with love and happiness. In this journey, Audrey envisions how Metta Meditation can help to spread love and kindness to all living things.

    Audrey’s Journey: Round and Round Yoga by Kerry Alison Wekelo


    Audrey has a love for music and creating rhymes on her drum. When Audrey plays her drum she is filled with love and happiness. Lessons of life come to her through a magical rainbow as she plays her drum. For Round and Round Yoga, Audrey has the inspiration to have a fun yoga class.

    Let’s Do Yoga: Coloring and Activity Book by Kerry Alison Wekelo


    This coloring and activity book is a compliment to the Audrey’s Journey series. Each page provides a mindful activity or yoga pose. This book is the perfect resource for teachers, parents, camp counselors, yoga instructors or anyone that works or plays with kids.

    Blaine’s Playful Namaste by Kerry Alison Wekelo.


    In this playful story, Blainets his friends with Namaste. They teach us that Namaste means I see the light in you and you see the light in me. An inspirational nook for kids of all ages.

    If It Does Not Grow Say No; Eatable Activities for Kids by Kerry Alison Wekelo.


    This activity book shows children of all ages what writing, creativity, and imagination can do when brought together; and the wondrous things they can discover with the addition of activity. The goal is to teach through encouragement, inventiveness, and movement; as together they can pique the interest of all children.

    Hello the Unknown by Sandrine Marlier-Riquier

    Hello the Unknown is the intimate and inspiring account of a girl on a journey around the world, moving through her doubts and fears, to find herself. While in Thailand on a modeling job, memories of a previous round-the-world backpacking trip with her then-boyfriend, Paul, hits Coline like a tsunami. She’s in a different relationship now and has just moved in with her boyfriend Andrew, but time and space are giving Coline greater clarity, and she cannot ignore how disconnected she’s grown from her self. As past and present collide into her life, Coline’s search for inner peace pushes her to make some major life changes From Thailand to New Zealand, from Normandy to New York City and from fear to love, Hello the Unknown is Coline’s journey home. The National Indie Excellence book Award (NIEA) celebrates self and independent publishers and endorses the quality of the author’s work Sandrine Marlier-Riquier is honored to have been selected as a Finalist in the 2015 National Indie Excellence contest, in the New Adult Fiction category for Hello the Unknown.

    So Now I Have Today… by Joe Dicochea


    “What is the point of all this?” was the question Joe repeatedly asked himself during a lengthy hospitalization in 2013 (including 5 days in the ICU) following a sequence of falls resulting in a traumatic brain bleed that almost took his life. He suffered multiple seizures, physical, neurologic, and mental complications, and a significant dismantling of even the most basic cognitive skills. He was rendered “disabled”, not only functionally, but also professionally as an attorney. “Disabled” was not a term Joe welcomed, but it was one that required his acceptance in order to move forward with a challenging recovery.

    #Girl;Hacks by Topanga Skye Corso and Catia Mehring


    Welcome to #girlhacks. We are a couple of girls who were inspired to write a book of things we love and tips to help other girls our age. So here you have it…our fi rst book! We are so proud of it, especially because we are donating $1 from the sale of every book to international charity Free The Children. They are committed to delivering a sustainable
    development model that empowers people to transform themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

    Ain’t Life Grand: 100 + Unique Granola Recipes Paperback by Allie Sheetz


    Inspired by her successful small granola company, Allie (of Allie’s Grandola), has managed to bring a whole new world of health to your kitchen! Filled with over 100 fun and simple granola recipes for the whole family to enjoy, Allie’s Grandola shows you just how easy it is to start each day off on the right foot. Each recipe is packed with nutrient-dense, whole foods that will leave you with enough nutrition to keep your body happy and healthy – and your taste buds, too! There are multiple seasonal blends that highlight the fruit & veggie stars of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter… and plenty of year-long favorites, too! Plus, Allie even gives you some ideas of how to enjoy them! It’s simple, easy and deliciously nutritious – a prized addition to your cookbook collection!

    Pile of Smile Activity Book by: Kerry Alison Wekelo


    The Pile of Smile Activity book was created for children of all ages to promote creativity and imagination. As children write, draw and play, wondrous things happen. The freedom and encouragement to create, invent, and move draws children into a world of peaceful, mindful living. Developed from a strong desire to help children learn how to tap into the light that lives within them, this activity book was created by Pile of Smile, non-profit supporting children with cancer. All proceeds from the book support the efforts of Pile of Smile, changing lives one child at a time.

    Moon Full of Moons by: Kat Lehmann


    A journey into darkness and back to the light. The Moon makes it look so easy. In Moon Full of Moons, Kat Lehmann skillfully paints a journey from happiness lost to happiness found. This beautifully organized collection of poems is sequenced with the Moon’s phases, which provide a touchstone for personal transformation. Musical, honest, and accessible, these poems create an inspirational and powerful body of work. The delicate, rich imagery transports the reader from enchanting and whimsical songs of childhood innocence through a struggle in the darkness to the powerful decision to shift the balance toward a new happiness. In these pages, she carries the reader through the wonder of beauty and language, an imaginative sailing on the Crescent Moon, and the subtle internal changes that lead to overcoming obstacles and emotional survival. Kat Lehmann demonstrates a mastery of patient observation and an openness to the teachings of nature – both internal and external – that are contained in the smallest of moments. The highly personal is described in terms of the universal. The result is tender, uplifting, insightful, and challenging. It is self-help expressed as poetry, with an impassioned call to embrace the meditative, find acceptance, and live.

    Let’s Love and be Real by: Sal Annunziato


    Sal “Nunz” Annunziato is a singer/songwriter, yoga teacher, and CEO of a software company. With over 25 years of recovery from addiction, Sal believes that anything is possible when finding the right tools that work for one’s self. Born into a family of mafia, drugs, booze, gambling, women and much more. It’s been quite the journey to say the least…but that is another story. This book consists of some of Sal’s daily thoughts. Sharing from a place of what he observes. Trying to keep things as real as possible.

    Peace Salad by: Sandy Henson Corso


    Sandy Corso is the founder of Peaceful Daily, an online community that inspires its tribe to live their lives in a way that promotes compassion and connectivity. Founded on the mantra, “Think good. Eat whole. Walk far,” Peaceful Daily reaches thousands of readers each day with encouragement and recommendations focused on these themes. Peace Salad, a celebration of living with purpose and manifesting your dreams, is a compilation of the most popular Peaceful Daily tips. Small yet mighty, Peace Salad is filled with powerful messages. Having weathered many storms, Sandy speaks from experience and applies each of these tips to her own life. She often returns to the messages in these pages, and she hopes you will as well. Whether trying to make the most of an ordinary day or overcoming impossible challenges, you can discover peace by applying the principles and philosophy inside these pages.