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    Who will You Forgive Today?

    Forgiveness is really the key to everything in human relationships. Who will you forgive today?

    “The ineffable joy of forgiving and being forgiven forms an ecstasy that might well arouse the envy of the gods.”
    – Elbert Hubbard

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    Onions Rock

    Onions, leeks, garlic, shallots, and scallions – the Allium vegetables – have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and immune systems, as well as anti-diabetic and anti-cancer effects. Their characteristic (and eye-irritating) organosulfur compounds have been shown to have several different anti-cancer effects. Plus, allium vegetables contain a number of other beneficial phytochemicals, including the cancer-fighting flavonoid, quercetin.

    Yours in good health,

    Dr. Fuhrman

    Crazy Duplicate

    This is CRAZY! In the history of Peaceful Daily, I have never run the same tip the very next day, but yesterdays tip was SO important I feel I should rerun! Here you go…
    In a certain African tribe, when someone does something harmful, they take the person to the center of the village where the whole tribe comes and surrounds them.
    For two days, they will say to the man all the good things that he has done.

    The tribe believes that each human being comes into the world as a good. Each one of us only desiring safety, love, peace and happiness. But sometimes, in the pursuit of these things, people make mistakes.
    The community sees those mistakes as a cry for help. They unite then to lift him, to reconnect him with his true nature, to remind him who he really is, until he fully remembers the truth of which he had been temporarily disconnected: “I am good.” Shikoba Nabajyotisaikia!

    NABAJYOTISAIKIA, is a compliment used in South Africa and means: “I respect you, I cherish you. You matter to me.” In response, people say SHIKOBA, which is: “So, I exist for you.”

    Found somewhere on the Internet!

    Peace, Love & Happiness,

    Well Being is Yours

    Are you experiencing wellness?

    Here is a very interesting quote about sickness…

    Anytime you have physical discomfort of any kind, whether you call it emotional or physical pain within your body, it ALWAYS means the same thing: “I have a desire that is summoning energy, but I have a belief that is not allowing, so I’ve created resistance in my body.” The solution, every single time, to the releasing of discomfort and pain is the relaxation and the reaching for the feeling of relief.

    No sickness would exist on this planet if your contrast hadn’t carved out wellness…that you’re NOT allowing.

    What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling, every single time.

    When you try to justify where you are by pointing out how bad things are, you are headed in the wrong direction. Reach for the thought that feels better, and allow the natural Well-Being that is yours. – Abraham Hicks

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    Love is All That Matters

    In honor of Valentine’s day I thought I would take this opportunity to remind all the readers that everything is all about LOVE. All of life’s struggles can be fixed with LOVE. Every hard situation can be remedied with love.

    Let’s say you are having a conflict with a friend or family member. Stop for a moment and remind yourself all the reasons why you love this person. Close your eyes and focus on a white light of love and harmony.

    Look for things, thoughts and situations to love. It can be almost instantaneous …The healing power of love can change things in an instant. Send everyone and every thing LOVE!

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    Does This Serve My Soul?

    After feeling a bit uninspired five weeks into this new year, I found a question that has helped me find my way back to the core of my heart and soul. That question is simply, “Does this serve my soul?”

    After a boatload of New Year’s resolutions, I found myself spiraling back again to old habits: eating garbage, not going to yoga; and pushing things that didn’t serve me.

    When I started asking myself this simple question about serving my soul, things began to turn around.

    Try it for yourself. Ask yourself, “Does this serve my soul?” Ask it at every turn, for every decision you make throughout the day. Even when pondering something as insignificant as what creamer to use in your coffee, ask yourself, “Does this serve my soul?”

    Read the entire post on The Huffington Post!

    Peace, Love & Happiness,

    You Gotta Ask

    Law of Attraction is Universal, and every person is affected by it. And it is always true that what I think and what I feel and what I get are always a match, and there is not a person on the planet that did not know that when they were born, and there is not a person on the planet that would not benefit by knowing it. But many, many, many are not yet asking and therefore are not yet ready for the answer. And so, we would say that — although everyone wants this information — everyone is not necessarily ready for it. We would not spend any time trying to convince anybody of anything because
    if they’re not asking, your answers are just irritating. – Abraham Hicks

    Passion and Being Right

    I recently experienced an altercation with someone and I would like to share it with you. I am very passionate about the things I am passionate about. I am sure you all know what they are because you all know me so well. This altercation involved something I feel very strongly about. The other person thought she was right just as much as I thought I was right. Does it matter who was right anyway? Being right is good for our ego but that is about it. When I was involved in this situation I could feel my heart starting to beat and my face turning red. I acknowledged this within myself and repeated some very powerful words, “infinite love and gratitude.” A friend and Peaceful Daily contributor, Dr. Darren Weissman, swears by these words. I immediately noticed my need to be right was fading and I was winning this argument because I was choosing kindness over my ego’s need to be right!

    Next time you are finding the need to be right, just repeat those words and take some deep breaths.

    Watch how you begin to relax.

    Peace, Love & Happiness,