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    Brew Your Own Kombucha

    Back when I was living in LA some 10 years ago, a hippie boyfriend and myself grew our own Kombucha! Everyone thought we were nuts but now it is very popular and lots of people swear by it. I recently found a great blog post on Philip Mccluskey’s site about how to make your own!

    What is it? Kombucha is a sweetened tea that has been fermented by microorganisms
    consisting of beneficial bacteria. This wonderfully tasty drink dates back to China around 250 BC, but recently has gained popularity amongst celebrities, and especially raw food and health circles. It contains beneficial probiotics, live active enzymes, L-Theanine, organic acids, and polyphenols.

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    Abundance is Flowing to You

    Today from Doreen Virtue….

    Manifesting Abundance in this Current Energy

    Today’s date is 10-18-12 (or 18-10-12), which in Angel Numbers means, “Keep positive, filled with faith, and focused upon God’s love and spirituality, and trust that abundance is flowing to you now.”

    The world’s energy continues to feel “off” as our heightened sensitivity meets with everyone being honest with one another . . . often in ways that hurt the feelings of highly-sensitive individuals. Please don’t take other’s irritability personally, and also don’t allow anyone to abuse you in any way. This current pattern is definitely temporary, and it IS having some hidden blessings, such as people becoming more involved in activism and speaking up about world events; and people disclosing their true feelings within relationships so that the basis of that partnership is based in honesty. Have patience with this awkward phase as we all learn how to be honest with ourselves and one another in new, gentle and yet truthful ways. It’s about being real.